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Water damage is extremely common in homes that reside in areas that are prone to wet weather. Water damage repairs are usually needed following a severe rainstorm or a snow-heavy winter. To ensure no detrimental damage has been done to the exterior of your home, it’s vital to reach out to a home restoration team. 

If you’re looking for a team of experts to conduct El Paso water damage repairs, maintenance, or restoration, Premier Home Updates has you covered. We offer high-quality services for both commercial and residential properties. Interested in a free estimate? Give us a call at (915) 355-0215 or contact us online today.

Our El Paso Water Damage Repair Services

Here at Premier Home Updates, our goal is to provide the best water damage repairs El Paso has to offer. No matter how severe the water damage may be, our team can restore the damaged area to look as good as new. Not only can we repair any damage, but we can also inspect for any damage in case you aren’t 100% sure. Regardless of what you need our services for, we’re happy to help. 

If you discover there is water damage in your home, it’s best to call the professionals to handle it. However, it’s important for you, as the property owner, to know what to do when you suspect/confirm there is water damage. Signs you have water damage include:

  • Discoloration- Brown, yellow, or dark stains along the walls or ceilings could mean you have water damage.
  • Peeling Wallpaper/Paint- You may need water damage repair if you notice your wallpaper beginning to bubble or peel; the paint could also be discolored. This sign means water has penetrated your walls. 
  • Mold- Water damage can create a suitable environment for mold growth. If you spot black or green spots along the foundation, contact our team immediately. 
  • Musty Odor- If you smell a musty odor, that means there is mold growth somewhere that either you haven’t spotted yet or can’t see. 
  • Sagging/Warped Walls- When walls, floors, and ceilings are exposed to an abundance of moisture, they can begin to warp or sag. Bulges or wave-like patterns in the foundation are a sign you need water damage repair. 
  • Spongy/Soft Walls- Water damage can cause drywall to become spongy or soft to the touch. If you notice texture changes in your walls, call our team right away. 

If you notice any of these signs in your home or property, give Premier Home Updates a call so we can conduct a thorough inspection of where the damage or water leak is. Once the cause of the damage is identified, we will begin the water damage repair process and restore your home to its original state. 

Why Choose Premier Home Updates

Premier Home Updates was built with over 15 years of construction experience in the home restoration industry. By operating locally in El Paso, we strive to provide our community with quality service and water damage repairs in El Paso. Our team will work diligently to locate the source of the water damage and fix it before it causes any further destruction. Not only do we offer 24/7 services, but we also offer bilingual services. 

Not only is our work top-notch and trustworthy, but we will also clean up after ourselves so you don’t have to worry about a mess. Once we’re finished with our job, your home will look just as it did before the water damage took hold. Because we are confident in our water damage repairs, we offer a 90-day warranty where if anything goes wrong within 90 days of us completing the work, you can give us a call. 

Contact Us for Water Damage Repairs

If you believe there may be damage to your property following a heavy storm, Premier Home Updates can provide water damage repairs in El Paso. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, our home restoration team can fix any damage caused by pesky water. Call (915) 355-0215 for more information. 

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