Water Leak Detection in El Paso

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Accurately detecting water leaks inside of your home is vital to avoid a hefty damage repair bill. There are several water leak detection tests you can perform, but nothing beats asking a professional if the situation gets worse than you thought. If a water leak is detected, looking into a water leak repair is your next step. 

Premier Home Updates, located in El Paso, TX, offers quality water leak detection and repair in any residential home. We can provide you with a free estimate and a guarantee that our work will be correct the first time. Give us a call at (915) 355-0215 or contact us online today. 

Our Water Repair Services

At Premier Home Updates, we offer excellent solutions for El Paso water leak detection and repairs. Regardless of whether you own a residential or commercial property, water leak repair is important to get done as soon as possible to avoid more severe damage. 

Even though our technicians would be happy to help if you suspect water is leaking into your property, there are a number of D.I.Y. tests you can conduct yourself. Keep in mind that even if the test comes up negative, but you’re still suspecting a leak, then it would be time to contact professional water leak detection in El Paso. Here are some water leak detection tests you can conduct. 

  •  Locate and Observe Your Water Meter
    • Note the position of the hand that points to the individual gallons. 
    • Don’t turn on any water faucets for about 15-30 minutes for an accurate reading. 
    • Reread the meter to see if the hand moved. No movement = No visible leaks. Waiting longer periods of time can potentially detect small leaks. If the hand does move, check all your faucets to confirm where it’s coming from.
  • Check Your Toilet
    • A simple water leak detection is to add a couple of droplets of food coloring to your toilet water tank. (You can take this opportunity to check the float level and adjust it if need be). 
    • In about an hour or two, check your toilet bowl to see if any of the food coloring appears in the water. 
    • If there’s color, it most likely means you have a leaky flapper. 
  • Check Your Underground
    • Turn off the water at the house and cut off.
    • Open a faucet to make sure the valve is working correctly; there should be no water flow. 
    • Now, go outside to check your meter. If your meter is still running, this means there is a leak somewhere in your house. 

Why Choose Premier Home Updates?

Premier Home Updates is a locally owned business that was founded over 15 years ago. We bring expert experience to every building we work on, whether it’s commercial or residential. We understand it may be difficult to find a company that can confidently conduct water leak detections or water damage repairs. Not only do we have expert technicians, but we also have satisfied customers and can guarantee the best water leak detection in El Paso. If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate, call (915) 355-0215 today.

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