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An electrician making an electrical repair to a power source in El Paso.

7 Most Common Electrical Issues in Your El Paso Home

It can be worrisome when you have an electrical problem in your El Paso home. You might wonder what issues you are facing and start formulating your budget to fix the problem. The fact is that there are a lot of electrical issues that could happen in your home that could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Hiring a qualified and well-known electrician who can address problems quickly is always important. This is where we at Premier Home Updates come in. Our experienced technicians can assist with any type of electrical repair.

If you need assistance with electrical repair for your El Paso home, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us online or call (915) 355-0215 today!

Understand the Most Common Electrical Problems and the Dangers They Pose

There may be obvious evidence of strain, such as an overloaded electrical system with only one outlet left to allow power strips to charge phones (in theory), or there may be unseen strains behind ceilings and walls. Here are 7 most common electrical issues:

  • Electrical surges. This may happen due to improper wiring in the house, lightning strikes, defective equipment, or broken power lines. Surges are common and last for only a fraction of a second, but if they occur too often, they will lead to damaged devices and reduced lifespan. Check what device is plugged into the wall socket or examine your home’s wiring system. 
  • Power sags and dips. Sags and dips will soon occur when the power grip fails and electrical utilities are attached to it. This could also happen if the wiring grid is made up of inferior-quality materials. If this is true, powering these appliances would consume more energy than normal because these grids require an increased voltage. This may require electrical repair.
  • Light switches are not working. Dimming switches are one way to tell whether there is a problem with your electrical system. It may be an issue with how they were wired, or perhaps you’re having problems understanding circuits. Either way, you should reach out to an electrician for assistance.
  • Circuit breaker trip. You may trip the breaker when turning on other heavy power-consuming items like plugging in the microwave or hairdryer. Tripping is a sign of safety in your home. Look for what was tripped and use a lower setting to avoid future problems.
  • Flickering light. There are many reasons why a light might start flickering or blinking. One is that the bulb may be damaged and needs to be replaced. Another reason could be faulty wiring which may need to be fixed by an electrician.
  • An unprotected junction box. Wires should never be connected outside of electrical boxes. Junction boxes safeguard connections from inadvertent damage and contain sparks and heat generated by a loose connection or short circuit. But before you can do that, make sure the junction box is safeguarded to avoid electric shock.
  • Backstabbed wires. Backstabbing occurs when a wire is shoved into a connector that captures the wire within the device rather than utilizing screw terminals to attach it to outlets and switches. This results in a loose connection, which could lead to wires burning out; this would destroy all other circuits as well, leading to immediate electrical repair.

Why It’s Best to Hire an Experienced Electrician in El Paso

When you call us at Premier Home Updates, we will ensure that you deal with a registered professional electrician. For over 15 years, we have made sure to provide top-of-the-line services to both residential and commercial projects alike.

We are here to provide quality services for electrical repairs in El Paso. Whether you need a small or large fix, we’ve got you covered! Contact us online or call (915) 355-0215 today!