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Plumber fixing water leak in El Paso.

How to Tell Where a Water Leak is Coming From

If you live in El Paso and have any kind of plumbing problem, you’re going to want the help of plumbing repair to make sure your water isn’t leaking anywhere and that everything is working correctly. Small leaks in your plumbing can add up, especially regarding water rates and if you don’t have your own DIY skills and tools handy. Plumbing issues are among the most common problems homeowners face, and they can have devastating effects on your home’s structure and the items it holds if not addressed quickly.

Fortunately, with the right help and expert advice, you can avoid them entirely or fix any plumbing problems you already have. To learn more, keep reading to discover how to tell where a water leak is coming from and why you should ask Premier Home Updates to help with any of your plumbing needs.

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Identifying Different Types of Leaks

There are multiple causes of leaks, such as those caused by faulty faucets or pipes. When you have a leak, take some time to figure out where it’s coming from so that you can handle it quickly through plumbing repair and get back to living in your home again. The more knowledge about water leaks you have, the better equipped you’ll be to handle different types of issues.

It’s important that you can recognize each type of leak, so you know where they’re coming from and what may be causing them. The first step in identifying a water leak is to determine if it’s even occurring at all. Check your water meter for movement; if there’s no movement or it goes up slowly, then it means you have a slow leak somewhere in your house that isn’t enough to trip your water meter. If there’s movement on your water meter but no signs of flooding anywhere in your house, then you might have a pipe leaking underground. This could be an indicator that plumbing repair is necessary. 

Steps to Take Before Calling in the Professionals

If you have a slow leak in your home, there are some steps you can take before calling for plumbing repair.

  1. Check faucets, shower heads, and toilets for drips or leaks. These are common sources of water loss in homes.
  2. Look for wet spots on your ceiling and walls or any other areas that may indicate a leak. If there is a large amount of water in one area, this may indicate that there is a crack or hole somewhere nearby. You will want to call an expert if this is the case, as patching up a hole in your ceiling would require extensive repair work.
  3. Make sure that all doors and windows are properly sealed shut so that no rain can get into your house through these holes. If there are gaps around the doors or windows, caulk them up with silicone caulk or sealant so that no more water gets inside your house. This will help prevent further damage due to leaks within the walls of your home and will help to ensure that you do not have to deal with extensive repairs later on.

Who You Should Call if You Have a Water Leak

If you suspect you have a leak, one thing you can do is put a piece of chalk or crayon in several locations around your property. If water appears on that mark later on, it’s likely there’s a leak somewhere near it. Call Premier Home Updates for plumbing services. We can immediately fix small leaks and prevent larger problems down the road. 

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